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 Penguin Island Rules

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Penguin Admin
Penguin Admin

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PostSubject: Penguin Island Rules   Thu Jul 24, 2008 10:23 pm

Penguin Island Forum Rules

1.No Spamming
may be one of the most important rules on this forum. Spam is something
that no forum wants. To prevent yourself from creating spam, do not
post small posts. Stay on topic. Do not post many of the same
characters or many smiles on one post. This also means dont try to get 50 posts all in one day, just to join the members only section.

2. Proper Grammar
This forum is not a chat room, or a messaging playground. Use proper English grammar, and do not use any text speech. Also dont use one or two word answers.

3. Bumping Threads
You are allowed to bump your own threads by posting in them, but only if it concerns the following.
* Help topic- you need that no one is helping you with
* Information topic- a thread that has a good bit of information that others should now about
* Event topic- a topic that involves you throwing a party, or holiday event (As long as the event is not over yet

You are not allowed to bump any of the following threads.
* Birthday or Occasional topic- a thread that is for someone's birthday or holiday occasion that has already occured
* Normal topic- a topic that you post about something that is not very important

4. Registered Accounts
It is required that you only make one account on these forums. Registering more than one account is against the rules.

5. Name Changes
you would like to have your name changed, then please tell me by making a post, in the forum & help/suggestions area. I will change it, then lock the post.

6. Bad Language
language such as swearing is prohibited from these forums. If a user
trys to swear, the word will most likely be censored with *PLEASE REPORT ME FOR SWEARING*.
If you these this censored word exactly as *PLEASE REPORT ME FOR SWEARING*, than immediately
report that post.

7. Posting
is a important part to the forums. When you make a post, make sure it
is completely on topic. Do not post with any kinds of text speech (wat,
thnx, kewl) and other words like that. ALWAYS USE PROPER GRAMMAR WHEN

8. No Flaming
is a rule to make to make the forum a friendly and nice forum. So
please do not yell or be rude to other users. Even if you do not like
one another, do not fight with each other on here.

9. No Hack Talk
Hacking is illegal, which means it is against the law. Therefore, it is to not be talked about on this forum in any way. Also in the cheats section, please DO NOT, post links to trainers, you will automatically be perma-banned.

10. No Caps Lock Letters
NOT TYPE LETTERS OR MESSAGES LIKE THIS. It looks like you are yelling
on the forums. If this does happen there will be first a warning then
the second time you do it; it will turn into a infraction!

11. No Advertising
is to be no advertising in your own topics. Warnings will be given out
to users that do this. YOU MAY advertise using your signature or avatar.

These rules must be applied at all times, if one of our moderators, catch you you could get an infraction.
Signature and Avatar Rules:

1. Your Signature must not exceed, 500 characters. You can only put 2 pictures in, any huge pictures, will be removed.

Only one image can be displayed at a time, its
width cannot exceed 150 pixels, the height cannot exceed 150 pixels,
and the file size cannot be higher than 64 KB.

More rules soon.

Welcome to Penguin Island

Every Tuesday is Non Members Day, We Dress as Non Members

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Penguin Admin
Penguin Admin

Number of posts : 602
Age : 25
Location : Canada
Coins : 14,728

PostSubject: Re: Penguin Island Rules   Sun Feb 01, 2009 4:33 am

I have updated the rules page.

Welcome to Penguin Island

Every Tuesday is Non Members Day, We Dress as Non Members
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Penguin Island Rules
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